September in Thessaloniki

Along with your visit to the Thessaloniki International Fair you can spend a beautiful evening of entertainment as September is a month of events. 5/9  Costis Maraveyas at the Earth Theater(Triandria) 6/9 Pyx-Lax at PAOK Sports Arena(Pylaia) 7/9 Christian Ronig at Moni Lazariston(Stavroupoli) Kamaal Williams-Πολυχώρος WE 3rd September Avenue Manolis Mitsias and Kariofyllia Karambeti at Thessaloniki […]


Road trip to Ouranoupolis

If your destination is Ouranoupolis, a relatively easy and fast route is what I suggest. An average speed of 80 km is safe as you cross villages and it is a road with several hinges Weather Ouranoupolis πρόγνωση καιρού από το